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Zhongshan Fuli Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Address: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, three township Lang loop Fuli chemical building

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Company Profile

Zhongshan Fuli Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of resin (adhesive) products and import agent of natural latex professional company. There are shoes with PU glue, PU glue, PU benzene glue, yellow glue, glue, glue, graft starch adhesive, coating glue, vacuum suction plastic bags, handbags, furniture glue glue, curing agent and treatment agent series, days that water, cleaning oil and various kinds of chemical cleaning agents, import agent TOP, know, Huang Chunfa, three, Thai rubber, natural latex and other imported flowers wholesale and retail.

Company production base is located in Guangdong Foshan Lubao Industrial Development Zone in Sanshui District (shoe bags furniture adhesive) and Guangdong Bay Port Logistics Park (Zhongshan God imported material storage center). The scope of product services includes footwear, bag and suitcase manufacturing, wooden door factory, cabinet factory, leather handbag factory, laminating factory, sofa factory, engineering decoration, electronic and electrical equipment factory, high-end furniture factory and other industries.

Zhongshan Fuli Chemical Co. Ltd. production base has complete scientific research, production, quality inspection and sales mechanism, establish and improve the advanced quality and environmental management system, and through ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 international quality and environmental management system certification, SGS certification, American UL. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "survive by professional technology" and "develop by honesty and credibility". It is based on "respect" and "innovation" as the motivation; "satisfaction" as the goal, and ultimately win the "success".

We are willing to dedicate our best products, rich experience and professional technology to each customer. Let us work together to create a better tomorrow !